Pawaboo Cat Scratcher Tunnel Cat House - Premium Collapsible Corrugated Cardboard Extensible Cat Scratching Tunnel Post Cat House Maze with Catnip for Cat Kitty Kitten, Black

HIGH QUALITY AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Premium recycled corrugated cardboard made of 100% high density honeycomb paper, which can withstand the most aggressive scratching. Dense, beautiful and durable, strong enough to hold weight up to 10kg. MULTI-FUNCTIONALE: Extensible to be a maze for cats to have fun and scratch or to be a cat house for them to rest. It can satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts while reducing the risk of cat scratching on your carpets and furniture. VENTILATION AND TEMTATION: Porous design of honeycomb paper creats a ventilated environment for cats; it can also store catnip and flower bud that attract cats to vigorously scratch the solid board. HEALTH ASSISTANCE: Scratching on dense cardboard contributes to rubbing down sharp fingernails of cats' paws, so as to slow growth of nails and help cats grow healthily. CONVENIENCE: Easy to install. Foldble, save space when it's not used. Come with manual, honeycomb paper, grey cardboard, screws and nuts for you to have fun in DIY.
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Pawaboo Cat Scratcher Tunnel & Cat House:

Pawaboo Cat Scratcher serves as both a cat scratcher and cat house that promises to keep your cat coming back for more. The texture of cardboard will make cats happy, enjoy scratching, playing, relaxing and lounging around.

Product Description:

* Premium recycled corrugated cardboard made of eco-friendly honeycomb paper
* Various shape design for your cat to play, scratch and rest.
* Foldable. Save space when it's not used.
* Neutral colors quite fit your home decoration, it can be placed on floor.
* NOTE: Not waterproof or fireproof. Catnip included.


Material: Corrugated Cardboard
Dimensions: 14.7 x 12.4 x 4 Inches
Item Weight: 73 ounces
1 x Manual
4 x Plastic Screw & Nut
1 x Main Cardboard Tunnel
3 x Honeycomb Paper
1 x Grey Cardboard
10g Desiccant & Catnip

UPC: 782301282537