Pawaboo Dog Flying Disc - Soft Flexible Fun Floating Foldable Flyer Disc Toy For Dogs, BLACK

MATERIAL and CONSTRUCTION - Neoprene coating, plastic loop and nylon wrapping up around constitute this throw and catch flyer disc. Distinctive air friction reduction design contributes to the friesbee a longer flying distance. MULTI-OCCASIONS - Perfect for playing in yard, parks or even on beach. Lightweight material makes it unsinkable and it can floats on water while throwing it to sea. Providing you and your pup much outdoor fun. HEALTH SUPPORT - Soft, tear-resistant flyer is gentle on pet's teeth and gums. Definitely a safe way to play and exercise with your pet. INTIMACY - Help raise a level of intimacy between you and your dog through playing with flyer. Keep the dog mentally and physically healthy. PORTABILITY - Foldable and portable. Fold them up to carry in your pocket or pack and go out to enjoy the game time.
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Pawaboo Dog Flying Disc:

Pawaboo Dog Flying Disc serves as a tool of raising level of intimacy between you and your dog. Lightweight neoprene coating makes the friesbee fly on land or in water.

Product Description:

* Premium material promises a long working life.
* Unsinkable. Perfect for playing in yard, parks or even on beach.
* Foldable and portable. Carry in pocket and go out for fun with your dog.


Material: Plastic loop, neoprene coating and nylon edge
Dimensions: 9.75 x 9.75 x 0.35 Inches
Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
Package: 1 x Flying disc

UPC: 782301282582