Pawaboo Pet Cooling Mat, 19.7 x 15.7 Inch Pressure Activated Self Cooling Cold Gel Mat Pad for Couches, Car Seats, Pet Beds & Kennels, Keeping Pets Dogs Cats Cool and Comfort, Blue

THE PERFECT COOLING PAD FOR YOUR PETS: Delivers cool, refreshing comfort in seconds, and keeps your pet cool continuously for 6 to 8 hours during hot weather, hence prevents overheating and keeps your pet comfortable. SAFE & DURABLE: Made of non-toxic materials, 100% safe for animals and human body. It requires no electricity to maintain a cool surface. The cold gel won't leak as the weight-bearing of this mat is up to 200 kg. It will retain its shape and cooling function over time. FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE: Lightweight and portable, easy to fold up and unfold, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Convenient for travelling and storage. EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: Water repellent material make this mat super easy to clean, just wipe with a clean soft brush or wet cloth. WIDE APPLICATION: Soft gel mat can be used on puppy & kitty beds, kennels, canine mattresses, couch cushions, hardwood floors, carpets, concrete surfaces, chairs and car seats, or used as a cooler for your laptop.
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Super Comfort Design
Pressure Activated Cooling Gel Mat delivers cool as soon as your pet lays down, providing soothing, cooling comfort for 6 to 8 hours in hot weather. Offers extra comfort and cooling therapy for older dogs and pets with joint pain, aches and stress.

Non-Toxic Materials
100% safe for animals, adults or kids. No batteries and electricity needed, and the cooling gel won't leak thanks to its 200 kg weight-bearing.

Easy to Clean and Maintain
Water repellent surface make this cooling mat easy to clean, just wipe with a clean wet cloth or soft brush. Folds Easily and convenient to take and store.

Great for indoor and outdoor use. Can be used as puppy & kitty beds, canine mattresses, couch cushions, seat covers and laptop cooler.

✿ The temperature of this mat is alway 6 to 8 degrees centigrade lower than the ambient temperature, which keep your pet at a comfortable body temperature.
✿ When the ambient temperature lasts over 27 degrees centigrade, you can soak the mat in cool water or put it in a refrigerator for a while in advance, then wipe it with a dry cloth, now it's ready for use!

✿ Never stab the mat surface with sharp objects.
✿ No Machine Wash. Do not clean it with corrosive liquid.
✿ Do not place it under long time hot sun exposure.

Specifications & Details:

✿ Dimension: 19.7 x 15.7 x 0.35 inches
✿ Item Weight: 42.3 ounce
✿ Material: Nylon Surface + Cool Gel Inner + Sponge
✿ Certification: SGS and MSDS Approved

UPC: 736313008401