Pawaboo Pet Large DeShedding Grooming Tools Trimmer Comb Brush for Small Medium Large Dogs/Cats, Interchangeable and Detachable Blades, PINK & BLACK

100mm high grade stainless steel deshedding comb removes loose hair and undercoat without damaging the topcoat. Reduce Shedding by up to 95%. With Safe Blade Cover that protects the blades life span after each use. Lightweight Non-Slip grip handle for comfortable holding and stability. Suitable for all short and long hair cats and dogs. Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat. Detachable head design for easy clean and storage. 1-Year Warranty.
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Pawaboo Pet Large DeShedding Grooming Tools Trimmer Comb Brush:

Pawaboo Large DeShedding Grooming Tools Trimmer Comb Brush can quickly and easily removes undercoat and loose hair for your pet, leaves a shiny and healthy topcoat.

Product Description:

* 4 inch blaze: Well-spaced stainless steel teeth effectively remove your pet loose or dead hair without scratching the skin.
* Detachable design: Makes it easy and convenient for cleaning and replacement (if necessary).
* Anti-slip handle: Ergonomically shape with soft textured side strips gives comfortable and better grip in your hand.
* Handy eyelet: Another convenient way for storage, you can hang the tool.

Brush Steps:

* Starting from the neck, from front to the back, and upon to down. That is to say, you can brush your pets from neck to shoulder, then, back, chest, waist, abdomen, and then the head, finally, their feet.
* For the pet who has a little longer hair or Knotted hair, we would like to suggest you remove the comb, and brush their hair without grip.


* Materail: Stainless Steel Blade + TPR & PP Material Handle
* Item Weight: 3.5 ounces

UPC: 782301237063