Pawaboo Slow Feed Dog Bowl, Premium Soft Food Grade Silicone Fun Feeder Anti-gulping Stopping Bloat from Eating Too Fast Dog Bowl for Pet Dog Cat, PINK

SAFE & HIGH QUALITY: This slow feed bowl is made of FDA approved soft food grade silicone, durable and non-toxic, no risk of damage to your dog's retina or nose, ensures the health of your pet. SLOW FEEDING: Keep your pet eating at a slower pace, hence improve digestion and help to reduce the risk of choking, bloating, vomiting and canine obesity. HEALTHY PET LIFESTYLE: Suitable for everyday use. This slow feed bowl also suitable for pet with anorexia, which can stimulate the nature of hunting for food, turning meal into a challenging game and enjoying itself. NO SLIDING AND SPILLING: Non-slip smooth rubbery base keeps the bowl securely in place, and large tray and raised lip help to prevent food spillage, and keep the area clean. EASY TO CLEAN: You can easily clean the pet bowl in the sink by rinsing with warm soapy water or wipe clean. Dishwasher safe.
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Pawaboo Slow Feed Dog Bowl:

The Pawaboo Slow Feed Dog Bowl is specifically designed to prevent your pet eating too fast, protecting your pet from choking, overeating and obesity and making every meal time a fun time for your pet. Made from soft and flexible FDA approved silicone, this bowl is harmless to your pet. The oversieze rubber base won't slip and can catch any food that spilled from the bowls, which helps to keep the floor clean and neat. It is safe and reliable, easier to wash and dishwasher safe, suitable for everyday use.

Product Description:

* High quality food grade silicone ensures the health of your pet and durability. Suitable for wet or dry food.
* With unique design, this slow feed bowl looks like a tuft of grass, making the pet meal time to be much more as nature intended and a fun and healthy game.
* Prolong the pet eating time and reduce the risk of vomiting, gagging, regurgitation and other digestive problems.
* Large bowl tray and raised lip help to catch any spills and keep the area clean.
* The smooth and super flexible silicone bottom can stick to the floor and keep the bowl in place, no worry about flipping over by your pet.
* Can be also used as an interactive toy to hold pet treats.
* Soft and flexible texture make this bowl easy to rinse / wash. Dishwasher safe.

Specifications & Details:

✿ Item Weight: 9.5 ounce
✿ Item Dimension: 16(L) x 10.5(W) x 1.1(H) Inches
✿ Material: Soft Silicone
✿ Package: 1 x Slow Feed Dog Bowl

UPC: 782301282483